On-site Services

On-Site I.T. Services

On-Site Services

Plagued with computer or network related problems? Or having problems getting connected to the internet or your office network? Too much hassle to lug all your equipment down to a Sim Lim Square or Funan?

Let our friendly and reliable Geeks resolve your I.T. problems in the comfort of your premises.

Some of the common problems we routinely fix


Blue Screen of Death Image

Computer freezes or crashes

  • Does your computer randomly crash, reboot or shutdown on its own accord?
  • Do you see a Blue Screen with error codes?

Such problems can be triggered by a variety of software, and hardware issues! Our Geeks have over a decade of experience troubleshooting and repairing computers and can correctly identify the source of your problems.


Virus Infection?

Virus/ Malware Removal

  • Accidentally opened infected files?
  • Someone else used your computer and got it infected?
  • Infection spreading across the network?

Our Geeks are armed with tools and know-how to fix the issue for you!


Is Your Computer Slowing Down?

Slow Computers

One of the most common issues users face. Your desktop or laptop starts crawling as time goes by or abruptly for no rhyme or reason. When software gets installed and subsequently uninstalled, or upgraded, many leave remnants behind that can bog down the system. At times, it’s an unnoticed infection in the system that hogs all the resources.

Our Geeks are able to properly identify and fix these problems for you!


Windows Password Reset

Have you accidentally changed or forgotten your Windows Password?

Let us help you regain access to your system and get back to work!


No Hard-selling!

Our Geeks can visit your office or residence (within mainland Singapore) for a reasonable on-site charge depending on your location and time of the day. You will be advised of the correct site charges for your location via e-mail or text message.

Upon arrival, our Geeks will perform all necessary hardware and/or software diagnostics and provide you with available solution(s).

We’ll even sweeten the deal for you! If it is a minor problem, we will resolve the issue at no extra service cost other than the basic on-site charge to cover our Geeks’ time and transport.

There will be no obligation from you to continue with the repair after our initial assessment.

At ComputerService.Sg, we do not and will not practice any form of hard-sell tactics nor will we pressure customers to pay for solutions they do not require.